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Derriford Church belongs to the United Reformed Church and is a member of the Evangelical Alliance. We seek to love and serve Jesus as our Lord and Saviour. As an outworking of that love and service we believe that we are called to a family friendly church which seeks to be “The light, life and love of Jesus in our community.

Family Friendly

Our worship, programmes and life are developed around all ages and abilities. No one is too young or too old! As our commitment to this and particularly to our work with children and young people we have recently received the United Reformed Church’s “Child Friendly Church Award.”

The Light of Jesus

Light banishes darkness, so as a church we are hoping to bring the good light of Jesus to our community. This will be through providing regular, relevant and inspiring worship. Providing teaching that is helpful to the twenty-first century and challenging areas of today’s life that doesn’t match with God’s standards shown to us in the Bible. Prayer is central to what we do and we have a prayer ministry team and we will also pray for those in our community and the wider world who need help.

The Life of Jesus

Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it to the full.” We wish to show through our worship, housegroups and outreach that knowing Jesus is the best, most life enhancing experience a human can have. We wish to show that life with Jesus is an exciting journey where nothing is impossible and where lives and communities can be transformed. We believe that God responds to our prayers and will bring healing and wholeness to our lives. We believe in a God who is alive and brings life through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Love of Jesus

We believe that through our daily lives, as individual Christians, and through our work together as church we are to show the love of Jesus in all that we do. This is primarily through our outreach work with children, young people and older folk but our desire is that all ages and people should receive the love of Jesus through practical action and loving care. We also believe that the greatest act of love was Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for us and we want all to receive the cleansing, restoring and healing benefits of this act of love.

We very much hope you find this website useful and hope to see you soon.

With love in Jesus