History of the Church

Derriford Church started life as Down House Mission on Tavistock Road in 1895.
It was non-denominational and evangelical in flavour.
As time drew on the church decided they needed a minister and asked a variety of denominations to adopt the church.
In the end the Congregational Church said yes.
As a Congregational Church the fellowship decided to move out of the Mission Hall into a new building on the not yet built Derriford Estate.
The foundation stone was laid in June 1966 and the building opened for worship in December 1966.

The next big change was in 1972 when the Congregational Church and the Presbyterian Church in England joined to form the United Reformed Church of which we are still a part.
We have a team of Elders who, with the Minister, provide direction and oversight to the life and witness of the church.
We also have a team of Deacons who oversee the property and fabric of the church.

As with all United Reformed Churches, major decisions in the life of the church (worship, direction, new initiatives, calling a minister, choosing Elders and deacons, etc..) are made by the Church Meeting. The Church Meeting is open to anyone in the congregation to attend and speak however only those who have made a commitment of membership to the church can vote or become Elders or Deacons.