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Derriford Diary January 2016

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I recently read that there are 7,000 promises in the Bible. That is 1 new promise every day for 19 years! This is where I want to put “Selah”. David would put that into his psalms when he made a point that was worth just stopping and thinking about for a moment.
As we start a new calendar year, lets take time to remember God’s faithfulness to us over the last year and to give Him thanks for all the promises that he has kept! Now we know there are so many promises to look out for, and He has been keeping those promises anyway, because that is what he is like, faithful, loving and full of grace towards us.
This year will see us celebrate the 50th anniversary of the building of Derriford Church, if we had been using the 7,000 promises, at one per day, we would only be in the third re-peat! The 50th year is special in the Bible, in every 50th year Israel was to have a big party and all debts were to be cancelled, and those that had taken jobs as slave laborers had to be set free so they could go home to their families. Any land that had been ‘sold’ had to be returned to its origi-nal owners. It was a time for everything to be reset, to start again. (Lev 25 v8-55)
As we start 2016, and approach our 50th anniversary, lets remember God’s faithfulness, grace and mercy and his promise that we will become more like Jesus as he works in us to grow us and through us to grow His kingdom in Derri-ford.
Many blessings, Lynne.

House and Prayer group Information:

  • Leatfield Drive; Wednesday 7.30pm (Contact Sue Vickery)
  • Powisland Drive; Wednesday 7.45pm (Contact Ray Gerry)
  • Mary Pring’s Home; Thursday 2pm (Contact Mary 773013)
  • Alpha Group; Tuesday 7.30 (Contact Lucy Parker 0750 300 3250)
  • Men’s Prayer group, changeable day and time. (Contact Phil Brewer)

Prayer and Event Diary for October

Please pray for the events as they come around, where there are no events, you are asked to pray for each other.

Sun 3rd 10.30 Morning Service with Communion
Followed by Bring and Share Lunch
Mon 4th Lunch Club
7pm Women’s Prayer group
Tues 5th Please pray for Paul and Sam Young
Wed 6th Please pray for Sarah Brown
Thurs 7th Please pray for the Elders as they meet at 7.45pm
Fri 8th Please pray for Bob Haffenden
Sat 9th 8am Prayer Breakfast
Sun 10th 10.30 Morning Service
7pm Evening Praise
Mon 11th 7pm Women’s Prayer group
Tues 12th Please pray for and her family
Wed 13th Please pray for Dave and Ruth Johns
Thurs 14th Please pray for Liz Maker and her family
Fri 15th Please pray for Lezita and her family
Sat 16th Please pray for Brenda Sherrell
Sun 17th 10.30 Morning Service
Mon 18th 7pm Women’s Prayer group
Tues 19th Please pray for Cyril Tucker
Wed 20th Please pray for Ann and Terry Ash
Thurs 21st 7.30pm Unity Service, Mutley Baptist Church with Christians Together in Plymouth.
Fri 22nd 7pm Burns Night Celebration
Sat 23rd Please pray for tomorrow’s service and all those taking part
Sun 24th 10.30 Morning Service
Mon 25th 7pm Women’s Prayer group
Tues 26th Please pray for Jane Bealey and her family
Wed 27th Please pray for Ken Bovan
Thurs 28th Please pray for Phil, Alison and Dan Brewer and family
Fri 29th Please pray for Jeanie Bruty
Sat 30th Please pray for tomorrow’s service and all those taking part
Sun 31st 10.30 Morning Service
12noon Church Meeting
Mon 1st 7pm Women’s Prayer group
Tues 2nd Please pray for John and Edna Edwards
Wed 3rd Please pray for Joyce Ford
Thurs 4th Please pray for or Pam Caufield
Fri 5th Please pray for Liz Basterfield
Sat 6th 8am Prayer Breakfast

Derriford Church 50th Anniversary
Saturday 11th June 2016

Contacts and Café times.


Minister: Rev Geoff Hewitt 01752 212526
Church Secretary: Phil Brewer 01752 212602
Church Treasurer: Chris James 01752 719768
Hall Bookings: Sue Vickery 07795 967330
Derriford Diary Editor: Lynne James 01752 719768
(Deadline—12 noon, penultimate Sunday of the month)

Oasis Café:

Monday: 10am to 2pm
Tuesday: 4pm to 9pm
Thursday: 10am to 2pm
Saturday: 10am to 2pm
Phone: 0778 365 0050